Close up photography with M-E.

Then I retrieved back family FED-2… images were not in focus. Somehow L39 close up ring was installed while I was not using it. I’m surprised what anyone else was using it as well. My parents let me use it time ago and my mother is more advanced in mobile phone photography than I’m. Couple of months ago I decided – why not on M-E…


It appears to be fairly easy with Industar-61Л/Д lens set to f16 and falsh. The distance and DOF are always the same.








One thought on “Close up photography with M-E.

  1. hi, i tried canon 5d mark ii, Fuji X-Pro2.. but canon had ugly colors and fuji was little to paintly to me.
    Now i use already for a year the awesome Leica ME with one lens, the summicron 35mm ASPH.

    This camera is THE camera for me. Time and time again I fall in love with the colors it knows to capture. I am upset with Leica for the fact that they stopped investing in CCD sensor developments.

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