M-E on Manhattan.

In October I went with three daughters to New York and we were exploring Manhattan. If going alone, I usually take M4-2 with Summarit-M 35 2.5. But I was told to take many and family pictures. And it is preferable in color…


I was trying combinations of camera, always two, always too heavy. I don’t like to have two cameras on me. So, at very last evening before driving to New York, I decided it is M-E. But I took two lenses. Orion-15 28/6 for day and Minolta Rokkor-M 40/2 for low light. Both are very small lenses. Together, with caps, their weight is under 250 grams.

I took small, film era flash and used it… once. It was enough light in Manhattan and I don’t mind ISO 2500 at all. And grain. 🙂

Here is the slideshow:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The way I used it was getting aperture and shutter speed by me, since I have done it many times with meterless M4-2. And let M-E to fine tune exposure. As long as I knew what I was doing, M-E did it well for me. But I wasn’t always perfect. Except family pictures 🙂



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