Royal Canadian Legion Parade.

It was first bright and really warm Sunday here of 2017. I took our youngest daughter with me to see how parade of local Royal Canadian Legion was going to start.


We met one of the local pipers, whom I know and I took his picture.

I took picture of local politicians, whom I know as well.


I was with Leica M8 and 35mm lens. It is convenient kit and affordable (now) solution to enjoy digital Leica rangefinder photography on weekends.  But I feel some distance in these pictures. I have to take it from the distance to be able to frame it in. And it get me thinking…

I never liked wide lenses for street photography,  because it is hard to frame something which lasts only few seconds and take it wide.  I’m not good at “taking it from the hip, don’t think” Lomography approach.  I need to have couple of seconds to frame it in viewfinder.

But here I was not limited by the time and it was no problem to get close to people whom I know. They were where for us, with us and to be photographed. At some point I started to feel more weird if I photograph people I know by doing it from the distance it is necessary to yell “hi” in high voice.

I know what M-E could handle even very wide lenses, like 21mm. And because it is Leica it could be done by less expensive non-Leica wide lens and still have it done with flying colors 🙂

This is what living in small Canadian community is. You could get close to local public servants and those who served for Canada.


You have to get close to feel it as the member of local community and share this feeling with your child.





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