Leica CCD sensor is still something special.

It took me some time to figure it out. I was never into 100% crop, zoom, pixel peeping with CMOS sensors. All what is visible with most of CMOS sensors at great magnification is pixels. But what I noticed with M-E files and even M8 files is very different. With Leica CCD it is really facilitating to look at image details. I never seen images to be so clean and so full of details. At 100% zoom with CCD it looks like it will take another 100% zoom before it starts to show some pixels.

And some irrelevant to this note picture taken with M8 🙂



One thought on “Leica CCD sensor is still something special.

  1. Completely agree! I am dissapointed that Leica sees to go for the money, not quality anymore. The M9 and M-E seems the last Leica M’s for which I respected Leica. I come from an Fujifilm X-Pro2, sold it because of the waxy skintones and digital flat look. I bought the M-E and fall in love each time and again when going out with this M-E awesome camera. Colors, 3D, handling. Whoh. http://Www.jbvoolstra.wordpress.com

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