M8 in 2017.

Introduction of Leica M10 in January 2017 has pushed down prices of used digital M Leica cameras. I used this situation to get slightly used, but not abused M8. Actually, previous owner was more excited about keeping film M4-2 Leica in the bag. I’m sharing same excitement by owning same M film Leica camera. It was recently serviced and I’m confident in this camera even more. But why M8 in 2017? In my case it is because I’m not a newbie in the Leica Land. For some M8 is old, slow and limited. For me it is the Classic. Where are not so many digital camera which are considered as classic camera. M8 is one the very few of them.l1013583

All of three pictures shown here were taken with another old classic. It is FSU, made in 1950 Jupiter 12 35mm f2.8 which I re-shimmed for M mount.


First image shows two small prints. M8 and Jupiter-12 gives vibrant, not boring colors…


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