I can’t get my fiftytisfaction.

Framelines of M-E is one pushing factor from 50mm lenses. Where are 75mm framelines  jumping into the game and it is distracting and confusingly close to 50mm frame. I let legendary Rigid go. Locally. I was expecting some with digital Sony or Fuji to buy it. Well, you never know. First bite was from Toronto. For Leica M2 ELC. But it went very locally to new owner of M3 in small town nearby.


Last picture taken with the Rigid (1965) on M-E (2015)…

M-E 35 mm framelines are within my nature. And view, combination and scale is close to Canadian M4-2 which I’m using as film M…

Also, show me any Russian who doesn’t like salad! No, not caesar salad or even more limited potato salad. We have managed to add enough even during Soviet time. To me 35mm on Leica allows rich, yet, not chaotic mix of elements chopped into the frame. Not limited, 50 (ceasar) or next to vegan restaurant back door bin (28).


It looks like 50mm is going same way as previously tried by me 28mm has gone. Away.

No, I like 50mm and wide as well, but not on this Leica…






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