Street photography with M-E, one more try.

On December 31st (2016) I went to Toronto to get a chance to see some great film bw photography and darkroom prints. Ursula Schulz-Dornburg was winner of 2016 Aimia , AGO Photography Prize. Her photos from FSU countries are emotionally close to me.

I’ve decided to take M-E with me instead of film M Leica. Took same approach, only take it if it is worth of the print. Well, small print 🙂


I walked for same distance as I walk with film M Leicas and took same number of exposures, which is usually bellow of 36 frames.

I was using ISO 400 and once it became darker switched to ISO 1600.


M-E sometimes has some hesitation after shutter button is pressed. Not significant, but it is not as instant as with film M Leicas. Some times it seems due to wake up (I have it set to sleep after two minutes), some times it seems to struggle to fire due to something else, especially if set to A. I guess, it takes time for metering.


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