Wisdom of Allen Bourgeois.

After dealing with Canon Full Frame DSLR during five years I learned about how nice it is to have large digital sensor and prime lens for my family and friends not very formal portraits. Full Frame Digital gives some “air”.

But DSLR of this sensor size and decent lens on it became bulky to handle for me. I looked at Sony full frame digital and same situation every time. Camera in checkout cart, what a great price and camera size! “Wait, lenses”, checking lenses and …. “what, this price for lens like this?”, “No, thank you”.

And here comes Allen Bourgeois, professional photographer from USA. He mentioned to me M-E as camera which is nice for classic portrait done under reasonable amount of light. He was 100% right. Eyes and skin rendering by M-E and Leica lens are something special. It gives direct impression of life, not the digital image.

Today I was very pleased to learn what  Allen Bourgeois photography was on the Leica Blog.




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