Getting M-E.

October in Moscow is dark and rainy. I walked under the rain to the “M-Video” store and asked for M-E in the photography department. It was inside of the secured glass shelf, locked with alarm! I was the only customer at this time and Svetlana (she is holdingĀ M-E in the box ) gave me first class treatment. Apparently she was very experienced person and worked at Moscow famous camera store in film era.

M-E didn’t started at first attempt. No life signals. We took battery out again, charged it for fifteen minutes and after it M-E told us what battery is empty. One hour latter battery was juiced up enough to keep M-E working and letting me to test it. Svetalna gave me same focus target chart I’m using for my film Leica cameras to check lenses! True professional sales person.

Getting new camera in the store is something which is different from gear swap at coffee shop or finding it on the front porch left by UPS….


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